Every Door Direct Mail is wildly Successful says USPS

By Rich Lewis at Burlington Press
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This is an article from a US Postal Service Newsletter. I didn’t write this but it seems that the Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail program has been very successfully received, especially in restaurant industry.


The Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) has been “wildly successful,” especially with the country’s top fast-food chains, says Paul Vogel, USPS president and chief marketing/sales officer.

EDDM offers simplified addressing, enabling mailers to use delivery route information, instead of names and exact addresses, to reach targeted groups in specific geographic areas. The number of EDDM mailpieces delivered since the program’s inception in March 2011 is approaching the 1 billion mark.

According to Vogel, USPS is currently working with several fast-food companies to test EDDM in various markets. These businesses have taken advantage of the benefits of EDDM — fast production turnaround, total neighborhood saturation and the ability to mail at a local Post Office — that make it easier and more convenient to reach customers and potential customers through direct mail.

Many “mom and pop” restaurants as well as other small businesses, such as dry cleaners and automotive parts shops, are using EDDM and mailing multiple times because they’re getting better response rates and greater customer traffic. EDDM also has been embraced by several national printing retailers. These companies are bundling EDDM with printing services and say that EDDM is helping to increase printing sales.

“From burgers to donuts to pizza, fast-food retailers are increasingly seeing the benefits of using EDDM to market their menus and other promotional materials in the neighborhoods where their stores are located,” said Vogel.


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