Mobile Marketing Tips

By Rich Lewis at Burlington Press |

Are your marketing efforts optimized for mobile? If so, how easy is it for someone use your website on a mobile device? If you don’t know the answer to this question, you should. Mobile phone use of the Internet is rising at an amazing rate. Currently about 50% of all web searches are done on a mobile device. Here are some idea to help answer the question.

1. Simple is better than beautiful

Beautiful marketing means nice design and we all want our marketing materials to look great and professionally designed. Consider email marketing and web browsing. To make an email blast or web site look nice it means adding graphics and photos. This, however, may fail when it comes to viewing these things on a mobile device.

Be mindful of the limits of mobile data plans. Because of the cost and limits smart users choose not to download images. Mobile phone processors are also not as robust as desktop computers so graphics may not even load. This leaves an email recipient with an incomplete email message. A website visitor may be left with a difficult to navigate website. Also keep in mind that graphics at the top a page can push the message down and out of sight.

Standards are still evolving in mobile email software so for now consider sending simple emails that are mostly text. For both the web and emails, don’t show important text as a graphic. There are many options available to build a mobile version of your website so there is no excuse anymore to not have a desktop and mobile version of your website.

2. Keep it short and sweet or use a video

Mobile devices have very small screens so each line of text is very important. Instead of long stories and detailed explanations, keep it short and make sure every word and every sentence gets right to the point. If you have a lot to say, consider making a video and linking it from your email or mobile website.

3. Mobile is highly local

Half of all mobile users are searching for something local and immediate. Mobile phones are not really phones anymore. They have become sophisticated devices to help people communicate, navigate and interact with the world immediately around them. It is typical for someone to notice it is dinner time, use their phone to find a restaurant nearby, call to call to find if there is immediate seating and then have the phone help them find the place?  If your business is locally focused or has local content, make sure that is optimized it for mobile.

4. Mobile search is more immediate.

Most mobile web searchers are usually looking for something immediately. Microsoft provides some interesting data. 70% of desktop searches lead to a completed task in about one week. 70% of mobile searches are completed in one hour. In other words, someone researching or shopping via desktop computer takes more time to make a decision while someone searching via mobile is usually looking for something right now.

When planning the content of your marketing message, keep this in mind and provide mobile users with information to help them make quick decisions. Two strategies need to be developed, especially for companies that market to consumers. One for desktop users who are searching your website for detailed information and one for mobile users where enough detail is provided to make a fast decision. You not only need to understand your customers but the devices that they connect to you with.

5. Be Consistent

If your mobile and desktop websites are not on the same platform like our Profusion Websites, make sure they are consistent and match each other. Most people use both desktop computers and mobile devices. What they see on your websites or in marketing emails needs to look like they are from the same organization.

Social media or marketing allows your customers and fans to easily share your content with their networks. Nothing is better than an honest recommendation of your products and services from a person not associated with your company. Encourage people to share your information or content by making it easy to do whether it is via mobile or desktop.

6. Mobile searchers make mistakes

Someone typing on a mobile phone is prone to misspellings. It can’t be helped when large fingers touch small keyboards. There is a way to take advantage of that and that is to add common misspellings of your most popular keyword phrases that you optimize for. If you pay for keywords it may not be bad idea to experiment with misspellings for mobile searches.

7. Mobile Follow Through…Make it easy to respond

Every marketing campaign aims for a result. You want someone to buy something, register for something or request something. You work hard to get a response to your call to action. Make sure that the next steps are easy for a mobile user to navigate. Having a beautifully crafted, mobile friendly campaign that drives someone to a desktop website may cause a great mobile experience with your company to become a lousy mobile experience very quickly.

Web browsing, email, search, and social media use via a mobile device is increasing at an amazing rate, and users expect mobile friendly experiences. A good mobile experience will accelerate sales and customer loyalty. A bad mobile experience can be a lost opportunity all the way around. Making your website mobile friendly, is an easy way to achieve customer happiness in our, not so new anymore, mobile world.



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