The Importance of Planning

By Rich Lewis at Burlington Press |

This is one of those cases where the picture says it all. Great design is one thing, but knowing how it will look in the real world is probably even more valuable.


Have a very Happy Holiday and New Year!



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I've been in the print marketing and direct mail business for over 30 years. I guess that means I'm old, but it also means that I bring a certain level of experience and expertise into a business relationship. My company, Burlington Press, specializes in printing and direct mail along a wide range of marketing services including web site design and development, email marketing and video production. For marketing to be effective it needs to be well rounded and use all channels available that make sense.
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One Response to The Importance of Planning

  1. True, picture says it all! Planning is much more important in this era than it was ever before. Now I do not believe slow and steady win the race, rather I believe planning wins the race today. So, if you have done good planning, you’re going to win today!

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