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By Rich Lewis at Burlington Press |

Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson

If you don’t know of Ingrid Michaelson, she is a young singer songwriter whose wide voice range and simple and personal writing style has recently made her a star. It is not that she made it to stardom that is interesting to a marketer but how she did it. Michaelson did not follow a usual route through the record companies; she built her following on the Internet. Somehow between being a kid “singing to her dolls in the basement,” and a star Michaelson figured out how to harness social media to make her music well known. Instead of Ingrid Michaelson going to the music industry to get discovered, she got discovered first and the music industry come to her.

Her path to success has been touted as being very different, but it really isn’t. She used a very simple and basic marketing formula. It wasn’t the Internet that made Ingrid Michaelson a star, it was Ingrid Michaelson. She spent her life crafting a look, voice, and style that people found great enough to buy into. Then she delivered her music where these people were. Not really that unique is it?

In business terms, she made a great product that appealed to an audience who respond to a particular marketing channel, in this case social media. She then used that channel to sell her great product. Isn’t this a very basic and simple marketing concept? Deliver the message where your customers are.

So, if you want to be star like Ingrid Michaelson in your industry follow these simple steps:

  1. Make a really great product that people want or need.
  2. Market your product where your customers are. That might be social media, the web, direct mail or something else
  3. Deliver the product.
  4. Repeat.

Look at any great brand and this the marketing formula they used becomes great.


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