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Two Lessons in Customer Satisfaction

By Rich Lewis at Burlington Press http://www.burlingtonpress.com | www.burlingtonpresswebservices.com The more we understand our customers the better we can serve them. And the better we serve them the more business we get. That would seem to prove logical. So, here are two … Continue reading

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A New Years Lesson

By Rich Lewis at Burlington Press http://www.burlingtonpress.com | http://www.burlingtonpresswebservices.com  A New Years Prayer: Grant me the skills to master all weapons of war and the wisdom to create a life where they are never needed. I thought of this after … Continue reading

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Side Effects of a Positive Life

By Rich Lewis at Burlington Press http://www.burlingtonpress.com or http://www.burlingtonpresswebservices.com There are four side effects to being happy with your life 1)   A positive attitude. 2)   Getting along with and accepting others easily. 3)   Being more determined and focused in life. … Continue reading

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